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June 12, 2023
Digital Tranformation
Da Nang Port


Da Nang Port (DNP) – the largest seaport in Central Vietnam, was established in 1901 and played an important role in the socio-economic development of the region. Currently, Da Nang Port, includes the main port area – Tien Sa Port and its member companies, owning nearly 1700m of berths capable of receiving twenty-foot equivalent units, large deadweight tonnage and gross tonnage ships, along with modern loading – unloading equipments and warehousing system.


On the journey of development, Da Nang Port confronts several challenges when expanding its scale:

  • The current software does not meet the needs of the Port. The software is not connected and synchronized.
  • Orders are made using paperwork, causing difficulties to related parties in the chain such as Carriers, Owners, Logistics, and Container Drivers.
  • During peak hours, Da Nang Port staff is overloaded to process a large number of orders. Customers who go to register to make orders have to wait in line for a long time
  • The results of processing are not shown, therefore, customers cannot actively manage their time. 
  • As a consequence, service quality is not satisfied: long processing time, complicated service process, many documents to declare, a limited form of payment – in cash.
  • Departments are discrete, time-consuming to manage and aggregate data


In the process of development, Da Nang Port has always actively applied information technology in all aspects to increase service quality, management, and also increase efficiency in port operation. Facing 4.0 technology revolution, IRTECH Technology Joint Stock Company is pleased to cooperate  with Da Nang Port with a digital transformation solution (DNP ePort) based on current infrastructure and future development orientation.

1. Website for ePort News

Link: https://eport.danangport.com/ 

News website of Da Nang Electronic Port System, specially designed to update the latest information from ePort to customers and within the Port.

  • Introduce ePort System and provide user manual
  • Lookup electronic delivery order (eDO), EIR container delivery notes
  • Download the legal form of using ePort contract

In addition, the website also provides instructions and overview procedures for employees in order to offer comprehensive support during the operation.

2. Website for Carriers

Link: https://eport.danangport.com/carrier

The website supports domestic and foreign carriers to exchange DO/eDO with ePort system and Logistic via online form. Besides, it also allows carriers to adjust expired dem, the date of container exemption …promptly, reduces a lot of procedures and time compared to traditional operation methods.

3. Website for Logistic

Link: https://eport.danangport.com/logistic

The Logistic part of the ePort system consists of 2 parts: a Website for registration of orders and a Mobile application.

Support Logistic, Forwarders in:

  • Support customers to declare container delivery on ePort
  • Support customers to pay online, integrate payment services via payment gateways
  • Support customers to actively control the vehicles
  • Support customer to track the list of vehicles during transportation

Along with that,  the ePort system together with the Port management system allows updating orders information, synchronizing status, providing e-invoices for prepaid service(cash) and emailing to customers.

4. Mobile application to control vehicles

The Mobile application helps the Logistics to direct the vehicle online on the ePort system. The driver receives the container delivery order information through the application and executes the order of the Logistics without printing the container delivery note to the driver, thereby minimizing contact, shortening the time container forwarding, and optimizing the working process.

The main functions of the mobile application:

  • Manage participants and their data: Logistics / Forwarder, fleet and driver information…
  • Search, conduct vehicle dispatch, track status and delivery history
  • Allocate specific goods to delivery/receipt locations at the port
  • Monitor and locate vehicles, update vehicle information
  • Drivers receive orders instantly on the app, which reduces the time to check in and confirm documents like before
  • Control vehicle traffic, delivery status at specific locations at the Port

5. AutoGate system

The AutoGate system includes  GateIn and GateOut with the function of maximum support for gate control and monitoring, reducing manipulation for gate supervisors.

The main functions of AutoGate system: 

  • Gate Operation: Gate In, Gate Out
  • Pregate Operation: Drivers register to execute orders before entering the Port
  • Update data from automatic identification camera system: Take photos of vehicles, identify license plates, control vehicle information and record data
  • Barie lifting/lowering operation: The software compares data and automatically orders the barie to lift/lower to allow entry/exit.
  • Synchronize data to ePort system in order to optimize statistical management and reporting

6. Website for Port staff and departments

Link: https://eport.danangport.com/admin/

The website provides efficiency support for the operation of the ePort system during its operation and management, control of all customer transactions and timely error handling assistance. Thereby, it helps to improve performance, service quality and customer experience.