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June 12, 2023
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Kim Hung


KIM HUNG MANUFACTURE TRADING AND SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2011 and quickly became one of the most trusted brands of household goods with more than 3 thousand agents. Kim Hung is gradually becoming a symbol of household goods with thousands of items on the Vietnamese market.


Success always goes hand in hand with difficulties. Before applying innovative technology, customers want to buy something, they have to go directly to Kim Hung’s store, or even when they arrive, there is no item they need.

In addition, when customers buy, staff must use books to take note of customer information and products. It takes a lot of time and process to enter customer information into the head system.


Having seen our portfolio of visually striking products and appreciating the multicultural experience we would bring to their project. And recognizing technology trends, the effects received when applying smart applications to the operation of management – customer service, Kim Hung contacted IRTECH app-making service to get advice on technology solutions specific to their business.


After assessing the needs and surveying the current situation of Kim Hung, IRTECH team created an Ordering App and added a Website management system according to Kim Hung’s operating process on the platform. Digital technology platform integrates many new features and experiences for users, creating a link between businesses and all customers nationwide. After implementing the practical use of the IRTECH Enterprise App system, Kim Hung improved operational efficiency, employees did not have to deal with overloaded workloads and did not have to have headaches when aggregating data at the end of the day on complicated paperwork. In addition, Kim Hung easily measures indicators and sales details of products. Besides the management efficiency, when applying the App, Kim Hung’s business efficiency increases by 10% and tends to grow in the following months.

Using App into operation and management has brought Kim Hung the first steps in the digital transformation process of the business effectively, tailoring according to the company’s characteristics. Thereby increasing the conversion efficiency and business strength.