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June 12, 2023
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ITRACO TOURISM & TRANSPORTATION CONNECTION CO., LTD is proud to be the leading car rental and self-driving car rental unit in Da Nang, with partners who are traveling to stay and visit the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang. The scale of nearly 200 different types of tourist cars from 4-7 – 16 – 29 – 45 seats, serving the needs of airport shuttle, travel, wedding, homecoming, Tet holiday, work, golf, visiting scenic spots in Da Nang as well as neighboring provinces, VITRACO is committed to providing the best quality service for customers’ journeys.

With the motto of customer satisfaction first, Vitraco constantly improves service quality, from expanding the scale of the car company, carefully selecting drivers, training English communication for the staff, to develop the best customer care service. Thereby providing customers with safe trips, convenience, satisfaction and the most competitive prices.


The long-standing development and expansion of car manufacturers have caused many difficulties for Vitraco in the process of management – operating:

  • Management – operating work is mostly done manually.
  • Car rental and reception are also done on complicated paperwork.
  • Employees are prone to errors in the process of storing and entering customer information.
  • Managers are not optimized in the operation of moving trips, information about customers as well as drivers leads to duplicate trip schedules or not knowing the schedule.
  • Difficulty in contacting the driver to operate the vehicle according to the schedule.


In our first engagement with VITRACO, IRTECH provided mobile app development services, to create a better experience for employees and customers than do on paper. In parallel with the development of mobile applications, IRTECH deploys a management website so that all activities are connected and executed perfectly.


With our app – supporting vehicle management and operation, Vitraco has optimized the operating process when the device is integrated on multiple platforms and employees can use it anytime, anywhere, for data exchange data between devices, supporting quick and accurate checking or storing of customer information, reducing the traditional complicated paperwork. Not only that, leaders can manage internally, understand clearly information about the driver as well as the schedule of trips at the same time, helping to operate the car more accurately and easily. In addition, the IRTECH mobile app also supports standardized reporting, real-time processing of messages, or approval of cash slips, bringing many internal benefits to businesses.

Thereby, customers can clearly understand information about vehicle operation, driver information, time, price, … the driver also receives the correct and fast command. In addition, the app also has the feature of sending messages automatically via zalo upon request, helping to increase customer trust and satisfaction with the business.

From the results, IRTECH hopes to be able to accompany Vitraco and many other businesses to solve difficulties and support businesses from digitization and digital transformation in the technology trend.